The goal of Young Medical Delta is to create a platform for students, young researchers and young professionals who are at the beginning of their careers in life sciences, health, and technology. 

Young Medical Delta holds an annual hackathon where participants are challenged to find innovative solutions for health problems from practice. With its events, such as symposia, Young Medical Delta presents ongoing research and offers interested parties the opportunity to network and find new collaboration opportunities. During the annual Thesis Awards, Young Medical Delta rewards the best graduation theses, graduation projects, and dissertations at the intersection of health & technology.

Medical Delta

Young Medical Delta is the youth division of Medical Delta, a transdisciplinary collaboration of more than 360 scientists from Erasmus University, Erasmus MC, TU Delft, LUMC, Leiden University, and four universities of applied sciences. Together with companies, healthcare institutions, and governments, they work on technological healthcare solutions. Medical Delta does this with sixteen interdisciplinary scientific programs and practical field and living labs. Medical Delta is the hub of the Health & Technology ecosystem in the province of Zuid-Holland and beyond. More information can be found at

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