Thesis Awards

Young Medical Delta connects students and young professionals who share a passion for medical technology and opens up new opportunities for them to explore. We aim to stimulate technical innovation in healthcare and encourage talents who have a fresh perspective on current health challenges and potential solutions.

To further promote this, Young Medical Delta organizes the annual Young Medical Delta Thesis Awards. Each year, prizes are awarded to the winners of the master's and PhD thesis categories. For more information or to register for the coming event, please see the page Young Medical Delta Thesis Awards.

Previous winners of the Thesis Awards:


2022: Louisa Preis (TU Delft) "Minimally Invasive Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy: from surgery to outpatient procedure"
2021: Rick Waasdorp (TU Delft) "Tracking electromechanical muscle dynamics using ultrafast ultrasound and high-density EMG"
2020: John Wang (Erasmus MC) "Grey Matter Age Prediction as a Biomarker for Risk of Dementia"


2022: Moein Mozaffarzadeh (TU Delft) "Accelerated 2D Real-Time Refraction-Corrected Transcranial Ultrasound Imaging"
2021: Sebastian van der Voort (Erasmus MC) "Eye to AI - MR Imaging analysis of glioma using machine learning"
2020: Jason Voorneveld (Erasmus MC) "High Frame Rate Ultrasound Velocimetry of Fast Blood Flow Dynamics"

Watch the announcement of the Thesis Awards 2020 in the video below:


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